The easiest way to achieve the best results of SaaS model operation is to keep track of effectiveness of the platform. Monitoring tools that can be used for that purposes is a definite must have if you want to be sure that your platform works as it has to. More than that, monitoring tools help to get a clear notion on the performance of the platform under known circumstances so you will be able to find out the issue or the change of the usage.

The Types of Monitoring

Stateful monitoring is specially developed to keep track of the known attributes that have defined thresholds (for example, memory or disk space usage, workflow of the process etc.). In general, this type of monitoring tools checks the condition of the individual components of the platform and notifies IT stuff if any component reaches the threshold. This type of monitoring is appropriate in case if you need up-to-minute view of the condition. The data collected by stateful monitoring is the best used for the analytics of the performance.

Time-Series Data

With help of this data an operator can check the performance of the platform through different usage patterns. For example, by tracking the number of requests to the server it is possible to create the pattern of requests and monitor only deviations.

Monitoring Tools

There is a possibility to use monitoring tools of the data center and cloud based monitoring services that can enhance the capability of monitoring.

NewRelic is a cloud-based monitoring services that is able to keep track of all activities of the app and calculate the level of performance of the app. The modules of this tool are able to track execution times, execution path and external calls to databases.

Monitoring of SaaS can be quite complicated as it requires both understanding of principles of behavior of the platform and knowledge of the current state of the platform.

How to Achieve SaaS Continuous Availability