Software-as-a-service is a recently appeared but hugely popular software delivery model that is based on a cloud service. One of the benefits of such model is skipping of the step where companies have to download and install software products – service providers have already done it for them. So the only thing company has to do is to pay a subscription fee and use the software whenever they need it.

In addition to Platform and Infrastructure (PaaS and IaaS), SaaS, as a part of cloud computing, is highly evaluated because of its cost-effectivity, scalability and flexibility.

Researchers suggest that to the end of this year the sales of SaaS market will reach $22.1 billion and every year the percent increase of the revenue reaches at least 17 percent.

Bill McNee, CEO or Saugatuck Technology, a company that specializes in research consulting, has proposed a new concept of SaaS, that is already known as 3G-SaaS solution. This concept boosts the delivery model for many apps and created a sensation in the IT sourcing.

A growing number of companies is searching for SaaS solutions and more than ever SaaS providers and hosts appear on the scene. That is why selection of the most appropriate hosting provider requires research and should be well-thought-out.

Not all providers make equal propositions so it is necessary to look through the offered capabilities that make the service really cost-effective.

According to consulting experts it is necessary to look for four main requirements.

4 Things SaaS Provider Should Have

  1. Look through the types of apps and services that the vendor offers.
  2. 99% uptime. Provider of the service should guarantee stable end-to-end platform.
  3. Security controls. The cloud is one of the most desired places to get into to hackers that is why it is crucial to make sure that the provider proposes high security credentials.
  4. Reputation of the provider. Look through the reviews and communicate with current users of the platform. Feedback from real users is one of the best evidence whether to choose the provider or not.
How to Come Up with the Best SaaS Provider