Let’s face this: great product is not everything when it comes to holding out the customer. You will have to build a strategy how to transform your new clients into golden – and simple reading of tips and tricks won’t help. Your success requires a lot of work, be ready for it.

Here are some rules any successful SaaS businessman follows

  • The customer should see, understand and get benefits of the SaaS system. What does it mean? The customer should want to use your product, otherwise, he will soon stop paying for it. Pallid statistics admit that almost all cases the reason for cancellation was the irrelevance of the service. Under that logic the more your customer uses your service, the less the possibility that he will cancel the usage. How to prevent cancellations? First, check product usage data. If you see that the level trends downwards, then search for the reason why that happens and figure out what you can do to boost it. There are tools that can notify you when the customer’ level of usage reaches critical mark. The most efficient way to improve the engagement of customers is direct communication with them.
  • Sometimes the reason of cancellation is credit card expiration – and it is especially important point in case if your SaaS supports repetitive payment with help of credit cards. You will get the expiring date with other essential info about the card, why not to use it? Remind your customers about the issue with the card before that issue actually happens – thus you will secure yourself from the loss of customers. Cancellation of credit cards, especially when there is no user’s fault, is another annoying reason of losing clients. Emails with reminders about issues with credit cards are still the most effective solution.
  • Your SaaS should be selling. What does that mean? Your Customer Support should work brilliantly. All IT-related issues should be solved in no time. Deployment and configuration should be performed with a lighting speed. Make your SaaS pleasant to work with.
  • Your service should meet the requirements of the customer – make is scalable.
  • Constantly improve your service. Check the features that are more important than the others and focus on them.
How to Make SaaS Customers Your Loyal Clients?