The developers of  SaaS businesses may find these monitoring tools really handy as they help to keep track of efficiency of the services.

New Relic

New Relic is a tool for app, customer experience monitoring and makes an analysis of the data collected. Select one of the agents (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.) and configure it to your app.

New Relic APM is a relatively new monitoring tool that makes simple HTTP pings for availability monitoring. And if you want to get more complicated information you have to inject Java Script tag to every page of your site – and the amount of the provided info will meet and exceed all your expectations. In order to analyze collected data it is necessary to  use Insight, another tool proposed by New Relic.


Ruxit is a rival of New Relic that has completely different approach to tracking of the data. The target audience of this tool is eBiz people and makers of modern DevOps operations. The user interface of the app is user-friendly and filled with infographics and has touch-first dashboard. The Smartscape of ruxit is another tool that gives a user a clear notion of all dependencies across tiers and stack, their interaction and the impact on the performance of the app after a change. This app can replace many monitoring tools as it tracks real-user, app, server, network, cloud and infrastructure.

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a log analyzer that gathers log files with help of a deployed collector. This tool consolidates and correlates reviews of log files for crashes and erroneous app behavior. Also it is really helpful when it comes to analysis of AWS CloudTrail audit logs. The log analysis covers data that cannot be covered by other agents.


Elasticsearch is a search engine that can be used for log analysis in combination with tools for log retrieval and pre-processing. This tool is the most appropriate in case if you want to work not only with log files and to create home-grown visualization.


OpsGenie is an alert and notification manager that is easily integrated with any other tool. With help of OpsGenie it is possible to route incidents depending on source, content or tags to mobile devices. The tool is flexible and helpful and that is why DevOps teams prefer to use it.

The Best SaaS Monitoring Tools