The abbreviation SaaS means software as a service – this cloud-based software delivery model gives access to applications like CRM services, human resources management services or CMS. The usage of a cloud reduces the cost of hosting data. Easy access and consumption of online data gives a reason for growth of the popularity of the SaaS model.

Analytics suggests that SaaS will gain popularity to the upward trajectory and the forecasts show that the sales of this model will reach $22.1 billion in 2015. One of the key elements of the success is the ability to subscribe to enterprise software products without high licensing fees.

The advantages of SaaS

SaaS gives an opportunity to rent apps on a pay-as-you-use basis. On the one hand, the development of the software requires high upfront costs. In addition, the infrastructure of the app also calls for big budgets and man hours. On the other, users of the service find it really helpful, easy-to-use and convenient as they don’t have to install the product – the only thing they have to do is signing in to the software and work with it in any place that has Internet connection and web browser.

How to Build the Architecture of the SaaS app

First and foremost, make sure that the platform you use is cloud-friendly and scalable. In a perfect world, the app should deliver customers to a service placed on a single server. It is achievable by using unique web databases for each user or giving an access to an app and database version of the software at the same time. Also it is necessary to take into consideration:

  • The app should be built in a horizontal scaling
  • The platform of the app should enable customization of existing data objects, add-ons and the possibility of integration with other apps.
  • The model of the app should encourage user-driven development
  • The app should have multiple layers of security

To host the app you will have to search for a company that will give you a possibility to test and deploy your app. When you place your app you don’t have to worry about building the infrastructure for successful functioning of the app.

The Principles of Creation of SaaS Business