No one can underestimate the value of parental control applications as they protect children from cyberbullying, sexting and online harassment.

Of course, all parental control apps are not perfect but there are some that approach the nonesuch. We have selected the best 5 applications in the sphere of data monitoring and remote managing of the target device.

Five best parental control apps

This application is the best for those parents who have several kids as it gives a possibility to manage multiple users. Also Qustodio is good at providing all-encompassing information concerning text and call logs. However, there are no Geo-fencing features and the possibility of blocking undesired websites is limited.

  • Net Nanny for Android

This app proposes one of the best Web filtering features. Moreover, with help of Net Nanny it is possible to block certain apps and set time filters. Unfortunately, any other useful features of parental control apps like GPS tracking, Geo-fencing and call logs are unavailable here.

Using this application parents are able to review the Web browsing history and block the websites with inappropriate content. Still, there is no Geo-fencing and it is difficult to manage the applications on the target device.

This app deals with time your children spend playing or browsing through the Internet. This app is a single-purposed tool, so there are no other features that enhanced apps have.

  • Pumpic app

It is rightfully the best ultimate iPhone parental control app for Apple iOS and Android. It is a fully-featured app that provides top-quality protection in all spheres of cell phone and online activities, including call and messages tracking, GPS tracking and Geo-fencing, reviewing of the IM chats, social media and E-mails, blocking websites and applications and many others.